watowa – you are what you watch

Give and get suggestions, follow your friends, explore the lists and create yours. Show what you watch. Because you are what you watch. Let’s download and show!

With Watowa, you can find out what to watch so easily and you are able to discover which movies and series your friends like. Furthermore, you can get and send suggestions about movies and series.
You can start socializing at once and complete your profile with what you watch and suggest.
Watowa is the place where you can meet new people, list popular television and film productions and create your own watch lists. Besides, you will no longer get tired of what you will watch thanks to the suggestions of your friends and the app. You will just enjoy it.
Suggestions that suit suit you will come from borh your friends and Watowa without getting lost in the movie lists. You will be able to send your suggestions by adding your messages or chat with your friends on the incoming suggestions.
In the Watowa pro account, you can use the app without ads. Moreover, you can access premium lists.


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